I'm Jared Harvey. I have a BS in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and I have a great many technological skills. At this page you will find a examples and snap shots of some of the projects I've done, this should help convey the general idea of what kinds of things I'm capable of doing, as well as what I enjoy doing.

Some of my projects can be found on my projects page. Although if a picture says a thousand words, then what does video documentation say? I have created some videos that can be found on my videos page. These videos are only a couple of minutes long and they help portray what I can do. I have also included my resume and cover letter, on my resume page, to help show my qualifications.

There is a navigation bar to the left, please feel free to use it to browse this site and get a feel for what I like to do and what I am capable of doing.

I have also posted this Electronic Portfolio on the web. It can be found at http://jaredharvey.com Please feel free to send this link to other people.


Jared Harvey

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