Video Documentation by Jared.
"900 MHz Wireless Computer Communication"is about some wireless communications I did with two computers. I was able to type on one computer and see it on another computer without wires connecting the two.
"RC Computer Car" is about a computer interface I created for a remote controlled car.
"LED VW Computer Sign" is about a sign I created for my computer that will eventually go into my VW as an MP3 Player and on board mapping system.
"Pneumatic Plane Hack" is about a toy I modified. I extended the flight of an Air Hog's pneumatic plane from 20 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds.
These videos have sound with them and are more enjoyable with a machine that can do sound. These videos should be viewable on any "Windows 95" and newer machine. I have also tested them on a machine as old as a 486.